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1.1 Mineral Resources and Their Importance to Human Society

· Classification of mineral resources

· Mineral Resources' Position and Role in Human Society

1.9 China's Mineral Industry and Sustainable Development

· 1.9.1 Historical Feats of the Mineral Industry

· 1.9.2 Supply of Mineral Resources for National Development

· 1.9.3 Improvement of Environmental Protection of Mining

1.8 A Brief Account of Administrati on of China's Mineral Industry

· 1.8.1 Building of Contingents of Mineral Exploration and Development

· 1.8.2 Construction of China's Legal System for the Mineral Industry

· 1.8.3 China's Policies Concerning Mineral Resources

· 1.8.4 China's Administrative System of the Mineral Industry

1.7 China's Cooperation and Intercourse with Foreign Countries in Mineral

· 1.7.1 Course of Cooperation with Foreign Countries

· 1.7.2 Essential Results of International Cooperation in Mineral Industry

1.6 Restructuring of China's Mineral Industry

· 1.6.1 Reform of the Administration System in Relation to Mineral Resources

· 1.6.2 Reform of the Mineral Exploration System

· 1.6.3 Restructuring of the Ownership System of Mining Enterprises

· 1.6.4 Readjustment and Optimization of the Industrial Structure of Mining Enterprises

· 1.6.5 Reform of the Administration System of the Exploration and Mining Rights

· 1.6.6 Restructuring of State-Owned Mining Enterprises

1.5 China's Mineral In dustry Today

· 1.5.1 Development Course of the Mineral Industry of the New China

· 1.5.2 China's Main Achievements in Mineral Development

· 1.5.3 Achievements in the Mineral Exploration and Development in the Taiwan Region

1.4 Outline of Mineral Resources of China

· 1.4.1 Main Achievements in the Mineral Resources Exploration of China

· 1.4.2 Main Characteristics of China's Mineral Resources

· 1.4.3 Space-Time Distribution of China's Mineral Resources

· 1.4.4 The Position of China's Mineral Resources in the World

1.3 Ore-forming Geological Setting of C hina's Mineral Resources

· 1.3.1 A Long Geological History

· 1.3.2 A Vast Ore-Impounding Space

· 1.3.3 Completely Developed and Extensively Distributed Stratigraphic Sequences

· 1.3.4 Multi-Phase and Multi-Type Magmatic Rocks

· 1.3.5 Varied and Complicated Tectonic Structures

· 1.3.6 Multitype Metamorphic Ore-Forming Processes

· 1.3.7 Diplogenetic Ore-Forming Processes

1.2 Brief History o f the Development of China's Mineral Industry

· 1.2.1 Main Characteristics of the Mineral Activities in the Ancient Times of China

· 1.2.2 An Outline of the Mineral Industry of China in Modern Times

1.10 Development Strategy of China's Mineral Industry

· 1.10.1 Implementing the Policy of "Developing the Mineral Industry with Mineral Exploration Undertaken in Advance" by Increasing Mineral Exploration Input so as to Expand the Supply of Mineral Resources

· 1.10.10 Establishing a Strategic Reserve System and Implementing the Policy of "Laying Equal Stress on Consumption and Reservation"

· 1.10.2 Putting into Effect the Policy of "Parallel Advance Both on Land and at Sea" by Vigorously Tapping the Potentials of Terristrial Resources and Actively Developing Marine Resources

· 1.10.3 Making Great Efforts to Strengthen the Mineral Resources Exploration and Development Activities in the Western Region of China and Practising the Policy of "Bringing into Full Play Regional Advantages in Combination with Striving for a Nationw

· 1.10.4 Implementing the Policy of "Making Use of Both Domestic and Foreign Resources" to Establish China's Global Mineral Resources Supply System

· 1.10.5 Striving to Open Wider to the Outside World and Implementing a Policy of "Independent Development in Combination with Cooperative Development"

· 1.10.6 Implementing a Policy of "Laying Equal Stress on Development and Protection" by Adhering to Development in the Process of Protection and Protection in the Process of Development

· 1.10.7 Adhering to Taking State-Owned Mines as the Backbone and Implementing the Policy of "Parallel Development of State-Owned and Non-State-Owned Mines"

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