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China, Turkmenistan energy cooperation boosts Belt and Road Initiatives

Updated: 2016-09-14 14:27

    Shandong press and culture delegation arrived at the Embassy of China in Turkmenistan on Sept. 2, where they met Xiang Bo, Counselor and Charge d'affaires of the embassy. Xiang made a brief introduction of the energy cooperation and friendly exchanges between China and Turkmenistan as well as Turkmenistan’s participation in the Belt and Road Initiatives.

  With a land area of 500,000 square kilometers and a population of over 5 million people, Turkmenistan’s GDP amounted to 50 billion dollars in 2015 with a per capita GDP of nearly ten thousand dollars. Though its per capita GDP is not as high as those developed countries, people in Turkmenistan enjoy high living standards thanks to the nation’s welfare policy.

  Turkmenistan boasts abundant resources, especially the gas and petroleum. China and Turkmenistan have close cooperation in energy. Turkmenistan exports about 30 billion cubic metres of natural gas to China yearly in recent years, which is nearly half of China’s total imported gas volume. One third of Beijing’s gas supply is provided by Turkmenistan.

  Today, Turkmenistan’s natural gas transfer tunnels are interlinked with China’s west-east gas pipeline. All the three China-Central Asia Gas Pipelines put into use originate in Turkmenistan. Through which, natural gas can be transported to north China, east China and south Chin, and they are even available to residents in Hong Kong. The China-Central Asia Gas Pipelines benefit 500 million people in 22 Chinese provinces, cities and autonomous regions. In the future, the D-line will be built. After the completion, a total of 60 billion cubic metres of natural gas will be exported to China every year from Turkmenistan.

  China-Central Asia Gas Pipeline, a key project of the Belt and Road Initiatives, is also an important part of the Silk Road Economic Belt jointly constructed by China and Turkmenistan. Turkmenistan supports and actively participates in the Belt and Road Initiatives which was proposed by President Xi Jinping in Sept. 2013. Chinese companies including China National Petroleum Corporation have proactively taken part in public-interest activities and benefited local people while they do business in Turkmenistan.

  During the visit, our delegation got an in-depth experience of Turkmenistan’s support and high attention on the Belt and Road Initiatives.

  Currently, China and Turkmenistan have few exchanges at the city level, with only three pairs of sister cities between the two countries. However, Turkmenistan pays close attention to Shandong’s agriculture. Turkmenistan is spreading the greenhouse vegetable planting across the nation, for which they hope to learn from Shandong province and seek opportunity to cooperate with Shandong in agriculture.


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